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The Jerome Lion: An award for publishers supporting literary translators
The Jerome Lion: An award for publishers supporting literary translators
11 May, 2016
Tags: Poland

The Polish Literary Translators’ Association (http://www NULL.stl NULL.org NULL.pl/) has announced that the publisher Wydawnictwo Czarne is to be awarded the first ever Jerome Lion for supporting literary translators. Their publishing activities have demonstrated an appreciation of the importance of competent translators and a respect for translators’ work at every stage of the collaboration by offering honest contracts, staying in touch throughout the editorial process, respecting the translator’s opinion on difficult or contentious issues, promptly paying fees, and giving due recognition to the input of the translator in the presentation of the final publication.

The Jerome Lion refers to the legend of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, and the friendly lion which accompanied him in the wilderness. The winner will be awarded a sculpted trophy by Beata Zwolańska-Horod as well as a certificate. The award ceremony will take place at 2.30 pm on 19 May, the first day of the Warsaw Book Fair.

The aim of the award is to promote good practice in the publishing industry and to appreciate the efforts of publishers who, despite tough market conditions, are ferocious as lions in their fight for high standards, respect for copyright, and building relations with their collaborators based on a mutual partnership. We believe that concern for the high quality of publications, good communication, openness to negotiation, fulfilling agreements, and a focus on building stable relations are all essential elements of professionalism, both in publishing and elsewhere. Respect for authors – among them translators – is synonymous with a care for the quality of the book as a unique cultural product.

The award is decided by a survey conducted among the members of the Association. Overseeing the competition and deciding its final verdict is the committee: Justyna Czechowska, Rafał Lisowski, Sławomir Paszkiet, Maciej Świerkocki, and Łukasz Witczak.

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