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The translators’ house at Balatonfüred (Hungary) is threatened
The translators’ house at Balatonfüred (Hungary) is threatened
26 Nov, 2012
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*** Update 6 December: the protests have been successful, the house is saved (http://www NULL.forditohaz NULL.hu/?page=HomeLink)! ***

The translators’ house at Balatonfüred (Műfordítóház), a member of the RÉCIT and HALMA networks, risks closing its doors from the start of next year, because it will not be able to survive the latest budgetary restriction measures.

The house opened its doors in 1998 and has been operating for 15 years. It is the only establishment of its kind in the region. It needs 42,000 Euros in order to fulfil its functions. Of that sum, 35,000 should be provided by the Hungarian ministry. This year, the ministry wishes only to supply a grant of 10,000 Euros (but this clearly inadequate sum has still not reached the account of the foundation that runs the house).

This year, the house has welcomed fifty literary translators; it has organised fourteen seminars (eight-day programmes or training sessions during which 4-7 young translators engage in a workshop with an experienced translator and listen to talks by several invited lecturers).

The house’s last major investment was the construction of a building accessible to translators with restricted mobility. The work finished last year, and the new building has already been used this year.

The library contains 6,000 titles (dictionaries and various literary works).

Aside from the task that it performs for literary translations, the house plays an important role in the cultural life of Balatonfüred, and takes part in many of the country’s cultural programmes. The shortfall required for its survival is not comparable to the huge damage that its closure would cause.

The board of the Hungarian Association of Literary Translators (MEGY) has sent a letter of protest (http://www NULL.muforditok NULL.hu/) to the minister Zoltán Balogh and the Secretary of State László L. Simon to support the house. Click here (http://www NULL.hlo NULL.hu/news/open_letter_from_hungarian_association_of_literary_translators_on_the_subject_of_the_hungarian_translators_house) for an English translation. CEATL sent a letter (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2012-11-21-Hungarian-ministry-1 NULL.pdf) to support the Hungarian association.

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