The German Initiative Urheberrecht (‘Copyright Initiative’) – a joint undertaking that so far 35 associations in the creative field have signed up to – is pleased to announce the success of its latest initiative: a petition to campaign for reforms to copyright contract law,  and for stronger legal instruments to more fairly balance the relationship between authors, performing artists, publishers, distributors etc. The initiative provides an open forum for all the creative sectors and calls on the German Bundestag and Federal Government to liaise with all revelant parties. The basis of the current campaign is a draft bill of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, supported in principle, and with constructive proposals for essential amendments.

Iniative Urheberrecht sends out a signal loud and clear from German creative communities on the matter of a fair and better balanced contractual copyright law adapted to the needs of the digital society.

For detailed information, or if you would like to add your signature, please click here (http://www NULL.urheber

German “Authors’ and Artists’ United Declaration for Fair Contracts!” reaches 6000 signatures in two weeks
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