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New consultancy programme for literary translations from Catalan
New consultancy programme for literary translations from Catalan
19 May, 2021
Tags: Catalonia

This innovative system will allow exchanges between pairs of translators from and to Catalan with the aim of working towards a qualitative improvement in translations from Catalan to other languages. It will be offered by the AELC (https://www NULL.escriptors NULL.cat/) in coordination with the Ramon Llull Institute (https://www NULL.llull NULL.cat/english/home/index NULL.cfm).

What is it?

The programme aims to facilitate the link between a translator from Catalan to another language and a translator working in the reverse direction so that they can remain in contact during the process of translating a work from Catalan to the language in question.

How does one participate?

Those who wish to take part in the programme are asked to send a translator’s curriculum vitae to aelc@escriptors.cat (aelc null@null escriptors NULL.cat) in order to join the programme’s team of translators.

The programme, developed by Anna Casassas and Miquel Cabal Guarro, is an experimental model that could be implemented by other institutions around the world which subsidise translations, as a means of improving the quality of translated works and of fostering exchanges between literary translation professionals.

Click here for further information: https://www.escriptors.cat/noticia/projecte (https://www NULL.escriptors NULL.cat/noticia/projecte-consultoria-traductors)-consultoria-traductors (https://www NULL.escriptors NULL.cat/noticia/projecte-consultoria-traductors)

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