Svetlana Geier, considered one of the greatest translators of Russian literature into German, spent more than twenty years working on the translation of five novels by Dostoyevsky.

At age of 85, Geier leaves Germany, her adopted country, for the first time to visit the places in Ukraine where she spent her childhood. With this trip as a starting point, film director Vadim Jendreyko made a documentary on Geier and her literary work. Die Frau mit den fünf Elephanten (http://www NULL.tsr NULL.html) (‘The woman with the five elephants’), awarded with the Swiss ‘Quartz 2010’ for best documentary, will be broadcast on Swiss television TSR1, on Sunday night 13 March, 0.15 am (original soundtrack, French subtitles). Also available on dvd (http://www

Prize-winning documentary on Russian translator Geier on Swiss television
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