March 2023 residency programme for writers and translators in the Białowieża Forest, Eastern Poland.

The Sacred Site Hruszki and Tropinka – Association for Dialogue (https://literaryresidenciespoland offers five residencies, free of charge, for members of the Polish Literary Translators Association, the Literary Union and authors (writers and translators) from Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. We invite five people to Hruszki (https://hruszki  at the edge of the Białowieża Forest from 10th to 24th March 2023. Residents will stay in a beautiful apartment consisting of five bedrooms (one of which is adapted for a person using a wheelchair), each with a bathroom and a writing desk, and a common living room/kitchen. The cost of transport and catering is not covered. For guests arriving by public transport, a transfer from Białystok or Hajnówka will be arranged.
The resident from Ukraine will receive 1000 złotych (8,500 UAH / 210 EUR) for transportation and food costs. Residents will be required to participate in an authors’ event arranged by Tropinka Association in Chata Kulturalna at Rousseau’s Manor. The residency runs under the auspices of the Narewka council, which is also the co-organiser of the authors’ event.
Applications should be sent to and include personal details, a short CV and the description of the work planned. The deadline for applications is 31st January 2023.

Residencies for literary translators and writers from Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine
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