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The PETRA-E(ducation) Framework for Literary Translation has been launched
The PETRA-E(ducation) Framework for Literary Translation has been launched
10 Aug, 2016
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The PETRA-E(ducation) Framework for Literary Translation, which maps out a literary translator’s competencies, has been completed.

The Framework addresses the recommendations highlighted during the initial PETRA 2011 conference on the teaching of literary translation in Europe. The PETRA 2011 conference recommended the development of a learning framework which can be used to develop the education of literary translators, and also to create opportunities for collaboration and exchange between schools and universities teaching literary translation.

The current Framework has been developed with the aim of enabling more effective collaboration between literary translation programs within Europe. The Framework is not only useful for institutional learning, but can also serve as a unique tool for translators themselves to map their competencies and identify gaps in their learning pathways.

The online version of the Framework (http://petra-educationframework NULL.eu/) is now available in English, French and five other languages.

In addition to the Framework, a digital map (http://www NULL.petraeducation NULL.eu/course/) has been developed which gives an overview of literary translation programs and courses all over Europe.

The Framework and the digital map are the result of a fruitful collaboration between eight European institutions involved in the education and training of literary translators, supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union: BCLT (Norwich), CEATL (European network), Deutscher Übersetzerfonds (Berlin), ELTE (Budapest), FUSP (Misano), KU Leuven, Nederlandse Taalunie (The Hague) and Universiteit Utrecht. These eight partners developed the Framework in close collaboration with representatives of many other institutions and networks involved in literary translation and language policy, including RECIT and EFNIL.


What’s next?
The PETRA-E team intends to maintain and further expand the PETRA-E network by creating a membership network for organisations involved in the education and training of literary translators.

Further developments will be posted on the PETRA-E website (http://www NULL.petraeducation NULL.eu/), Facebook page (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/petraeducationnetwork2016/) and LinkedIn group (https://www NULL.linkedin NULL.com/groups/8543685).

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