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Translation History is the main topic of this two-day workshop, organized by Traveling Texts (https://www NULL.hf NULL.uio NULL.no/english/research/theme/traveling-texts/) (University of Oslo) and the Norwegian Encyclopedia of Translators (https://www NULL.oversetterleksikon NULL.no/) (Norwegian Association of Literary Translators). The main purpose of the workshop is to gain insight into a part of history that is often overlooked, that is to say, translated history. How have translators and translations shaped history in general and literary history in particular? How has translated literature been read and discussed throughout history? What characterizes translations from different periods? What role does the translator’s ideological stance play? How is intertextuality manifested in translations? How do we write the history of translations and translators? These are some of the questions that we will explore during the workshop.

Keynote speakers:

Cecilia Alvstad professor, Stockholm University

Alf B. Glad translator and non-fiction writer

Aina Nøding research librarian, National Library of Norway

Outi Paloposki professor, University of Turku

Janneken Øverland literary critic and former director of translated literature at Gyldendal publishing house

Date: 4-5 May 2020

Venue: Tøyen hovedgård, Botanical Garden, Oslo

The workshop is free of charge. Lunch, coffee and refreshments will be served, but participants will need to organize their own travel and accommodation.

Tracing history through translation: International workshop on translation history in Oslo, Norway
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