On 10 December in Utrecht, three translators were awarded the 2010 Prize of the Dutch Literary Foundation, for the quality of their literary work and their merit as ‘cultural mediators’: Hans Driessen (b. 1953), translator of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Sloterdijk into Dutch, Diego Puls (1956), promotor of Dutch literature in the Spanish-speaking countries, and Mariolein Sabarte Belacortu (1944), translator of Cortázar, Fuentes, García Márquez and Vargas Llosa and the poetry of Juarroz into Dutch. Each prize is endowed with a sum of €10,000.

The jury of the Martinus Nijhoff Prijs, the major Dutch national prize, endowed with a sum of €35,000, has awarded its 2011 prize to Piet Schrijvers, translator of Lucretius, Horace and Virgil among others. The prize will be awarded to him during the event ‘Nederland vertaalt (http://www NULL.nederlandvertaalt NULL.nl/)’ in early March 2011, at the same time as the 2010 prize, awarded to Riet de Jong-Goossens for her translations from Afrikaans into Dutch.

Update 6 January 2011
The Else Otten Übersetzerpreis 2010 for the best translation from Dutch into German, endowed with a sum of €5,200, has been awarded to Andreas Ecke for his translation of Gerbrand Bakker’s Boven is het stil. The ceremony will take place on 14 January in Berlin at the Volksbühne on Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

Dutch translation prizes awarded to Hans Driessen, Diego Puls, Mariolein Sabarte Belacortu, Piet Schrijvers, and Andreas Ecke
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