Sitting for hours and typing away? With their noses in books and dictionaries? Aha, only apparently so! The lives of translators are full of exciting adventures and extraordinary experiences, although most of these happen in their heads.

W głowie tłumaczy (‘Inside the translator’s head’) is the first comic (maybe even on a global scale, though we can’t be certain) about translators and their work: about the history of translation going far back to biblical and even prehistoric times, about the chain in which the translator is but a single link, about different types of translations, but most of all: about what goes on in the head of a person translating from one language to another.

This witty story, drawn by five outstanding young artists, is an invitation to a world unknown to some of us.

The comic was created to coincide with the fourth edition of the Gdańsk Literary Meetings “Found in Translation”.

W głowie tłumaczy is written by Tomasz Pindel. The artwork is by Daniel Chmielewski, Berenika Kołomycka, Robert Sienicki, Jacek Świdziński and Fanny Vaucher.

The book is published by Kultura Gniewu and City Culture Institute in Gdansk.


Inside the translator’s head – maybe the first comic book ever about the work of translators
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