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The BabelMatrix project has entered a new phase
The BabelMatrix project has entered a new phase
14 May, 2013

Ever since its creation shortly after the turn of the millennium, the BabelMatrix project has undergone several transformations, and it continues to grow.

The aim of this site (http://www NULL.babelmatrix NULL.org/), which is dedicated to literary translation and translators, is to showcase the richness of world literature in translation by presenting extracts that invite readers to continue reading. Initially, BabelMatrix introduced works by Hungarian authors translated into seven languages, but it later expanded to include literature in seven languages translated into Hungarian. As the project evolved, the Hungarian language was no longer required as a source language or target language, and new language pairs such as Slovak–Polish, Czech–Polish, etc. were introduced.

This year the owner of the site, the Hungarian publishing house Typotex, contacted Slovak, Czech, Polish and Hungarian literary associations and offered them partnership. The new sister sites (here (http://www NULL.babyloncz NULL.net/)here (http://www NULL.babylonsk NULL.net/) and here (http://www NULL.babilonpl NULL.net/)) will enable members of these associations to showcase their own works, complete with their photo, bibliography, links to other sites, reviews on their translations, etc. The only prerequisite for the publication of extracts (max. 10,000 characters) is to settle the issue of copyright according to the laws and customs of the country.

With this new initiative, BabelMatrix will significantly contribute to the visibility of literary translators. They welcome other associations of literary translators to join the project, since their aim is to introduce the greatest possible number of language pairs. The project may be of particular interest to translators of small (LWULT – Less Widely Used and Lesser Taught) languages and lesser known literatures.

Contact: contact@babelmatrix.org

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