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German Joint Open Letter and Manifesto for Human Language
German Joint Open Letter and Manifesto for Human Language
6 Mar, 2024

The three German-language translators’ organisations IGÜ (Austria), A*dS (Switzerland) and VdÜ (Germany) have published a joint Open Letter and a Manifesto for Human Language, urging decision-makers to champion transparency and additional regulation of AI.

These publications are issued in response to concerns that AI-related developments recently have not received the attention they deserve from the German-speaking representatives to the EU.

The Open Letter and the Manifesto are published on our websites:

Austrian Association of Literary and Scientific Translators (https://www NULL.translators NULL.at/news/offener-brief-der-deutschsprachigen-uebersetzer%e2%88%99innenverbaende-zur-ki-verordnung/)

Autorinnen und Autoren der Schweiz (https://www NULL.a-d-s NULL.ch/)

VdÜ (https://literaturuebersetzer NULL.de/aktuelles/offener-brief-ki/)

You can support the appeal to the German and Austrian representatives to
the EU by signing the recently-launched petition (German/English). Your
help is greatly appreciated!

Open letter on the EU AI Act (https://www NULL.change NULL.org/p/offener-brief-zur-ki-verordnung-der-eu-open-letter-on-the-eu-ai-act)

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