Residencies in Translators’ House in Rome free of charge in January-February 2014

Casa delle Traduzioni (http://www NULL.ceatl in Rome offers residencies free of charge for the period January-February 2014, subject only to a fee of €30 for the entire stay.

The translators’ house is a specialized research centre and library dedicated to translation. It offers non-profit accommodation to selected foreign translators who translate Italian authors into their mother tongue.

The 2013 Czech State Prize for Translation to Vratislav Jiljí Slezák

The 2013 Czech State Prize for Translation has been awarded to the renowned translator and Renaissance man Vratislav Jiljí Slezák, a founding member of the Czech Literary Translators’ Guild and a laureate of its Josef Jungmann Translation Prize. He received the award for his excellent translations of the complete work of Hermann Hesse and other German speaking authors, including T.

Literary translation on the Milan ‘Book City’ festival (21-24 November 2013)

Book City (Milan, 21-24 November 2013) is a literary festival organized by the Municipality of Milan in cooperation with several publishing houses. The festival offers hundreds of meetings with authors, book presentations, dialogues, readings, exhibitions and seminars, including a number of events on literary translation. As a quick guide to festival visitors:

21 November
13h30 Fondazione Milano, Dipartimento di Lingue
009 Tradututtori si diventa: Lezioni aperte di traduzione
Con Bruno Osimo

18h30 Libreria Utopia
048 Il traduttore Bruno Osimo racconta
L’Opera di Isaak Babel

19h30 Libreria Internazionale Melting Pot
055 Il traduttore racconta: La letteratura scandinava
Con Bruno Berni, Silvia Cosimini.

International Meeting for Translators of German Literature (9-16 March 2014, Berlin/Leipzig)

Another session of the International Meeting for Translators of German literature, to run 9-16 March 2014, is being organised by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, in cooperation with the Pro Helvetia Foundation, the Goethe Institut, the S.Fischer Foundation, and Traduki.

Thirty-five translators will be offered a programme on current trends in German literature.

Verdict in reopened case against Turkish translator and publisher of Apollinaire again suspended

The reopened leagal case against the Turkish translator and publisher of Apollinaire’s novel Les Exploits d’un Jeune Don Juan by Guillaume Apollinaire continues.

In 2009 İsmail Yerguz’ Turkish translation of the novel, Genç Bir Don Juan’ın Maceraları, was issued by publishing house Sel Yayıncılık. A year later both the translator and the publishing house, represented by İrfan Sancı, were brought to court on charges of aiding the publication of obscene texts.