Transnational master programme in literary translation kicks off

After twenty years students in the Netherlands and Flanders can again follow an academic course in literary translation. The new master’s programme, launched last September, is an international joint programme of Utrecht University (the Netherlands) and the University of Leuven (Belgium). It is the first two-year programme at master’s level in Europe teaching literary translation combined with research into the subject.

Schwob sets up English website on the world’s best unknown books

Schwob, an initiative to publicize largely untranslated modern classics, cult books and must-reads from all over the world, recently launched its English website: (http://en NULL.schwob-books The site is part of a larger project to find and promote insider tips about modern European literature.

An international network of translators, publishing houses, festivals and literature foundations contribute by suggesting titles, as well as providing sample translations, background articles, and information on how to acquire rights.

Dutch Brockway Prize goes to poetry translator Judith Wilkinson

This year’s biennial Brockway Prize for translators of poetry from Dutch has gone to Judith Wilkinson. Awarded  by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the prize of  €5000 will be presented on 14 June 2013, during the 44th Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam.

The British poet and translator Judith Wilkinson came to prominence in England thanks mainly to  her translations of the Flemish poet MiriamVan hee and the Dutch poet Toon Tellegen. becomes an international network with EU support

The European Union announced today that a subsidy of €200,000, the maximum, has been granted to the (http://www NULL.schwob project to enable it to expand into an international network, a European portal for the best unknown books of world literature.

The Dutch Foundation for Literature launched in 2011 as a website and organization that facilitates the promotion of literature from all parts of Europe that has not yet appeared in translation.

Dutch Translation Prizes go to David Colmer, Mark Leenhouts and Mark Wildschut

The Dutch Foundation for Literature’s 2012 Translation Prizes have been awarded to David Colmer (translator Dutch-English), Mark Leenhouts (translator Chinese-Dutch and journalist) and Mark Wildschut (translator of German philosophical work). The prizes, awarded for a translator’s oeuvre as a whole, will be presented on Friday 14 December in Amsterdam. Each of the winners receives a sum of 10,000 euro.

Martinus Nijhoff Prize awarded to Frans Denissen

The Dutch Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds is awarding the 2012 Martinus Nijhoff Prize to translator and author Frans Denissen. He receives the 35,000 Euro prize for his translations of Italian literature into Dutch. Denissen published his first literary translation from Italian in 1982; 2011 saw the publication of his translation of Carlo Emilio Gadda’s De leerschool van het lijden (La cognizione del dolore)

In the intervening three decades, Denissen translated amongst other things Boccaccio’s Decameron, prose from respected 20th-century authors such as Leonardo Sciascia, Curzio Malaparte and Umberto Eco and the poetry of Cesare Pavese.

Vondel Translation Prize goes to Dutch-English translator Paul Vincent

The jury for the Vondel Translation Prize 2011 has awarded the prize to Paul Vincent for My Little War, his English translation of Louis Paul Boon’s Mijn kleine oorlog. The jury consisted of critic Paul Binding (Times Literary Supplement) and translators Ina Rilke and Sam Garrett. The runner-up is David Colmer for The Portrait, his translation of Specht en zoon by Willem Jan Otten.

Dutch Literature Foundation translation prizes for Claudia Di Palermo, Vincent Hunink and Bartho Kriek

The Dutch Foundation for Literature’s Prizes 2011 for the Translator as Cultural Intermediary have been awarded to Vincent Hunink (Latin-Dutch), Bartho Kriek (English-Dutch) and Claudia Di Palermo (Dutch-Italian). These prizes are intended to emphasize their outstanding efforts on behalf of literature as well as the quality of their oeuvre as translators.

‘Translators’ bliss’: Dutch translators discuss the satisfaction a great translation can offer

Literary translators of five important European novels will tour Dutch bookstores in September and October. The tour is named ‘Translators’ bliss’. The translators will elaborate on their varied and often invisible work, and the challenging and beautiful aspects of their profession.

During the tour, translators Jeanne Holierhoek, Edgar de Bruin, Harm Damsma and Niek Miedema, Annelies van Hees and Liesbeth van Nes will specifically speak about their translation of Drie sterke vrouwen by Marie NDiaye, De werkplaats van de duivel by Jáchym Topol, De niet verhoorde gebeden van Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, Dat weet je niet by Jens Christian Grøndahl and HhhH by Laurent Binet.

This year’s Dutch translation night discusses the translation of dialogue

On Monday 7 March the translators’ division of the Dutch Authors’ Guild (VvL), in cooperation with the Foundation for Literary Activities Amsterdam (SLAA), will host its annual discussion night about translation. This year’s theme will be the translation of dialogue in fiction and drama. Dramatist and director Frances Sanders will give a presentation about dialogue in stage translations, and translators Bartho Kriek and Annelies Jorna will explain how they have dealt with specific dialects in their translation practice.

Dutch translation prizes awarded to Hans Driessen, Diego Puls, Mariolein Sabarte Belacortu, Piet Schrijvers, and Andreas Ecke

On 10 December in Utrecht, three translators were awarded the 2010 Prize of the Dutch Literary Foundation, for the quality of their literary work and their merit as ‘cultural mediators’: Hans Driessen (b. 1953), translator of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Sloterdijk into Dutch, Diego Puls (1956), promotor of Dutch literature in the Spanish-speaking countries, and Mariolein Sabarte Belacortu (1944), translator of Cortázar, Fuentes, García Márquez and Vargas Llosa and the poetry of Juarroz into Dutch.

Dutch literary translation days

The twelfth edition of the Dutch literary translation days will take place in Utrecht on 10 and 11 December 2010. This year’s special topic is the translation of poetry. For more information, please refer to the website of the Amsterdam Translators’ House ( http://www NULL.nlpvf ) (in Dutch).