Introductory Course for Literary Translators (March-May 2014, Granada)

Under the title ‘Literary Translation and Resources for Literary Translators’ the Spanish Association of Literary Translators, ACE Traductores, is organising an introductory programme. The course will be held in Granada, and comprises the following workshops and seminars:

  • Introduction to Literary Translation (16 hours, March 2014) by Carmen Montes Cano
  • Documentary Research for Translators (6 hours, April 2014) by Alicia Martorell
  • Computer Resources for Translators (8 hours, May 2014) by Robert Falcó and Carlos Mayor

Location: Centre for Byzantine, Neo-Greek and Cypriot Studies, Gran Vía 9, 18001 Granada

For more information (in Spanish), please click here (http://www NULL.ace-traductores or here (http://www NULL.centrodeestudiosbnch

Translator Miguel Sáenz elected to the Spanish Academy of Language

During its session on 22 November 2012, the Academy of Language elected, to occupy the place left vacant by the death of Eliseo Álvarez Arenas in September 2011, our colleague Miguel Sáenz, who takes his place in ‘seat B’.

Sáenz is inconstestably an emblematic translator. A translator at the UN before devoting himself to literary translation, in that capacity he was awarded the most important prizes.

Second ‘white book’ of literary translation in Spain

In September 2010 ACE Traductores (http://ace-traductores presented the second white book of literary translation in Spain, a project that has enjoyed the collaboration of other Spanish associations (ASETRAD (http://www NULL.asetrad, APTIC (http://www NULL.aptic, EIZIE (http://www NULL.eizie, AGPTI (http://www NULL.agpti, ACEC (http://www NULL.acec-web and UNICO (http://www NULL.uniondecorrectores as well as the support of the collecting society CEDRO (http://www NULL.cedro et de la General Directorate of the Book, a dependant of the Ministry of Culture.